Story Dynamics depiction


To create an effective dramatic story using story dynamics, aim for the ideals of unity, symmetry, and dramatic fulfillment.


A single launch, posing a single narrative question, serving as the axis about which the story turns--a story leading to a climax that answers the narrative question.


Dramatic potential matched to other dramatic potential, dramatic potential in one direction offsetting dramatic potential in the opposite direction. Or the "twisting" of the original universe 180 degrees, followed by a return to the original universe.

Dramatic Fulfillment

The release of all major dramatic and matched potential established in the set-up, launch, and story, an answering of the narrative question, and an accounting for all major remaining forces in the resolution.

To make sure your story "works" before you start writing, see the Story Dynamics worksheet. Work the Story Dynamics exercises to develop and check your understanding of this material.

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