Story Dynamics depiction


Structure an effective dramatic story around these elements . .


The initial equilibrium state, where the major dramatic and matched potential is established for the ensuing story, and the major forces balance each other out.


The unbalanced force that jars the world of the set-up into action, thereby launching the story, posing a narrative question, and ideally changing everything that can be changed.


Forces conflicting with each other in a rising, falling-domino series of events and actions, revolving around the axis of the narrative question.


The final conflict of the remaining forces where they either get what they want or are forced to stop trying--with an answer the narrative question.


A new balanced state in which the remaining forces from the original set-up show changes they've undergone as a result of the story and climax--potentially serving as the set-up for a new story.

Keys to success help you master the above structural elements, the Story Dynamics worksheet makes sure your story "works" before you start writing, and the Story Dynamics exercises help you develop and check your understanding of this material.

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