Screenplay Presentability


To print your screenplay, use white, standard-sized "8.5x11", three-hole punched paper--the kind designed for copiers and laser printers. Without any variation on color or texture or thickness. For efficiency and convenience reasons, best to purchase the paper with the standard three holes already punched.

Even though only the top and bottom holes should be used for brads, include the center hole. It's the convention. You don't want to frighten anyone with too much originality. And someone down the line might prefer three brads.

Some assistants in Hollywood make their living inserting the middle brad for their finicky bosses.

International writers should seek to meet the U.S. standard (215mm x 279mm), even though allowances may be made in Hollywood for non-U.S. submissions (differences in cover, paper, and punch holes). More commonly, readers use non-standard presentation as a reason to cull the script from a burgeoning to-be-read pile.

Writers from around the world who want seriously to work in Hollywood will have to adapt to its standards sooner or later. At least, that is, until the United States of America goes metric, which doesn't look to happen anytime soon. See U.S. Screenplay Preparation for more guidance on working across borders.

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