Screenplay Presentability


The title can be printed manually along the 'spine' and bottom of the script pages to help reviewers find them in a pile, or on a shelf. Use ALL CAPITAL letters.

This might also grab a bit more of their memory each time they see your script.

To mark your script properly . . before placing the cover sheets or brads . .

  1. Place the script face down on a desk-like surface, the bottom of the script to your left, and the top to your right.
  2. With both hands on the 'spine' (or left edge of the script), curl the pages back up toward you until they are spread out (making a nice writing surface).
  3. Grab your black magic marker.
  4. Space out the imaginary letters first, then print the title (or key words in it if that's all that fits) with your marker.
  5. Do the same along the bottom edge of the script (not the right edge, as that might irritate the eyes of the reader).

When the pages are returned to their normal position, the title appears quite legibly and the brads can then be inserted.

CAUTION: Hollywood insiders suggest that they be allowed to mark titles in this manner, recommending the writer NOT do it himself. This might best be saved for contest submissions.

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