Market Your Screenplay


A more fun approach is to identify the agents or managers for top talent, i.e., actors and directors, through . .

  • the Margaret Herrick Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (310/247-3020). They usually have the most up-to-date information, and you can make several requests at once.

  • the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) (323/954-1600), whose job it is to keep track of such things, but who often lag behind the Margaret Herrick Library, and only let you ask for two names at a time.

Then submit the material to them directly. Supposedly agents and managers are required to submit such material to their clients for review. At least it gives you brushes with fame, and in a town where big name actors get projects made, who knows? The problem is, the biggest names, the ones who can get a project "greenlighted" in Hollywood, don't often accept unsolicited material (see Access).

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