Market Your Screenplay


Screenplay contests offer an excellent avenue for getting your movie scripts read by Hollywood, to greater and lesser degrees depending on the competition. Consider the variety of contests available at MovieBytes, reviewing closely what they offer in terms of marketing and promotion of winners, finalists, etc.

To use contest submission to enhance your writing abilities, and improve your marketing success, you might want to chart out a few years of intensive entry activity. Select a few of the larger more well-known competitions, such as . .

. . a few of the smaller less-well known ones, and perhaps a couple of odd ducks that appeal to you just because they do.

Enter these contests regularly over your chosen period, and chart your progress. A multi-year program such as this, with continuous monitoring of your competitive progress, keyed to improvement of your writing abilities--through courses, seminars, and books--might do you as much good as any established screenwriting program in advancing your screenwriting career. It also might get one of your projects sold, or get you a writing assignment.

Before entering your screenplay in a contest, review Word Use, Presentability, and Readability--guidance derived from years of operating a screenplay contest and reviewing thousands of scripts from new writers.

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