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Michael J. Farrand—poet, lyricist, playwright, screenwriter, blogger, essayist—was noted for his writing throughout his professional career as a management consultant. He first turned his pen to plays and screenplays, after leaving the corporate world, and then to lyrics and poetry. He offers writing services to various clients, a description of which may be found at his blog.

He is the author of REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY FOR THE MODERN ERA: a Proposed Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the inventor of Story Dynamics, and the compiler of the Magic Star of Dramatic Writing. Screenwriting guidance he offers in "How to Write a Screenplay", which may one day end up in book form, results from his own experiences writing screenplays, and five years as administrator of the Empire Screenplay Contest. He is available for script consulting.

Mr. Farrand introduced the mandoletto to the mandolin line, and hopes one day to learn how to play it.


A collection of his quatrains was published April 21, 2016 through Amazon Kindle under the title The Man Who Didn't Exist The ebook is available in a variety of formats.

The book presents a selection of fifty nine of his four-line poems on a variety of topics–including love, life, place, wheels, philosophy. Some poems are light verse, intending to be humorous. Others have a little more weight.

Each poem is paired with an image to add perspective.


The author has been published numerous times in newsprint as a journalist. His several government publications related to the petroleum industry have long since gone from print. Several hundred poems from his pen are published here at this website. A small handful of them were printed in a self-produced chapbook in Charlottesville in the year 2000. His poetry has appeared in a number of places, including:

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National Poetry Month: April 2016 National Poetry Month: April 2015

  • His quatrains "Room for Magic", "Where You Are", and "Your Next Excuse"—entered into PoemTown Randolph 2015—were among the short poems and haikus tucked into colored plastic eggs, arranged in baskets, and placed in businesses in downtown Randolph for donations to help defray costs and add "a little joy and whimsy to the whole month-long celebration."
  • DIGpoetry St. Johnsbury, 2014

    Poetry Alive! Montpelier 2011

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    "The utterly unique style and out-of-the-box thinking of this poem drew us in. Congratulations!."

    "Whisper Quiet paces its message, cleverly using the line breaks to hold attention on each phrase. It strongly evokes a natural experience without relying on familiar descriptions."

    "I'm truly delighted for you. You have a great poet's sensibility."

    The People's Poet

    • He composed extemporaneously commissioned poems on a variety of topics and themes, in diverse forms, for patrons at the Kindred Spirits multimedia event August 21, 2016 at the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, where he shared his appearance with the presence and works of other notable talent, including: Shalom Gorewitz (organizer), Rachel Hades, Charlie Morrow, Eva Holden, Bob Joly, Jonathan Edwards, and others.


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